Donation collections

Collection of donations

It has come to our attention that a female has been impersonating a member of our Management Committee in order to collect donations for her own benefit.

Obtaining goods by deception and identity fraud is a criminal offence and any incidents will be reported to the police and offenders prosecuted.

If you have a donation for Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home and have arranged for someone from the Home to collect it, please ask to see their identity badge on collection. All of our staff and Management Committee have their photos on our website for your reassurance. If their photo is not displayed they are not authorised to collect donations on our behalf.

Occasionally, we have groups, individuals or companies who may be organising a fundraiser in aid of Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home and they will be issued with an authorisation permit. The permit will include:

  • Issue and expiry date
  • Name of individual authorised to collect
  • a signiture and name of a member of the Management Committee
  • permit number

The permit numbers and names on them can be verified by contacting us.

We DO NOT currently undertake door to door collections and therefore if anyone tries to collect in this way tell them no and contact us ASAP.

if you have any concerns or would like to check the identity of a collector please contact the Home on 01706 960 915 or email us-


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