Providing much needed holidays to deserving local children

Rochdale Children’s Home operates between March and September. It is a non-profit making charity and is free to users; however, we do encourage and accept donations and contributions from those that use the service.

The charity has two distinct functions in providing services and facilities for school children during term time and for children referred to us by children’s social care, schools and community groups, during school holiday periods.

During school term periods

Local schools make requests and book the facilities of the home and bring children from Monday to Friday. The week can be split up into day or overnight stays or a combination of the both. We can accommodate up to 30 people on a daily basis and 18 people for overnight stays using our dormitories. Throughout the week the school are responsible and accountable for arranging and providing all activities and support for the children.

Words from Schools

Thank you once again for a wonderful experience. The children have had a great time and been spoilt rotten. Alison and Heather, you are stars!


St Anselms Rc Primary School
We all had an amazing time and the children loved their time at Moorland Home. Staff were extremely helpful and made everyone feel at home


Elms Bank School

During school holiday periods

Children are referred for a week’s holiday by children’s social care, schools and community groups. On average 12 children are accommodated between Monday to Friday with all activities, outings and support provided by Alison and her team of professional child care staff and students and Duke of Edinburgh volunteers. This period provides an excellent opportunity for the children to improve and develop their social skills and also an opportunity for both children, their carers and parents to have some respite time. Quite often this is the only opportunity that these children have for a holiday.


We continually strive to improve the facilities and services of the home for the benefit of the local children we serve and do not receive any statutory funding. We are therefore, reliant on the generosity of individuals, organisations and charitable trusts along with bequests and donations from those that use our services.

The operational team who run the home are all accredited professionals and passionate about providing the very best care and environment for the children. We like to promote and get back to the simple principles of providing good food, fresh air and good fun. All of the children’s needs are catered for including any special dietary requirements and medicinal routines – within certain parameters.

Charity Organisational Structure

The charity has a small board of Trustees and an Executive Management Team supported by three sub committees (see diagram below)

The charity employs two full time paid personnel who are used throughout the season and childcare professionals and DBS checked volunteers during the school holiday periods.

All of the Executive Management Team, staff and volunteers are DBS checked with all staff appropriately qualified and experienced.


The Trustees and the Executive Management Team are responsible for the strategic direction of the charity and its proactive communications with local businesses and prospective donating organisations. It discharges some of its tactical responsibilities through three small sub committees as detailed below:

Executive Management Team members are appointed at an Annual General Meeting held every April / May. An annual Executive Management Team report is produced and a formal set of financial accounts are prepared, approved and filed with the Charity Commission.[/vc_column_text]

What the Children say

Thank you for all the things you did for us. We are so grateful for making us feel so welcome, we would love to come back some time. Thank you for letting us stay over, you are so great Tracy and Barbra – you are the kindest people I have ever met.– Georgia
Thank you for making our lovely tea it was amazing. It was that good that we would love to come back. I really enjoyed playing air hockey in the playroom and I like the playground with the swings and slide. Thank you for cleaning up after us.– Holly
We really likes the fruit and snacks because our teacher said you put something special in it.– Stephen
We really enjoyed playing at the Beach and swing and park and party night. I enjoyed  musical bumps, musical statues and apple bobbing.– Demi
We would love to come back because we enjoyed playing in the playroom and the playground and thank you for making us welcome.– Bethany
I enjoyed going swimming, to the beach and playing out. I loved everything!  – Kyran
We all had an amazing time and the children loved their time at Moorland Home. Staff were extremely helpful and made everyone feel at home.    – Elms Bank School



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