Rainbows sleep over raises funds

On Saturday 16th May, Rochdale’s 41st Rainbows were meant to have had their annual sleepover at Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home but due to Covid-19 that couldn’t happen, well, not at Moorland Home. But the rainbows leaders didn’t let that stop the fun. They planned a fun virtual sleep over instead.

The children taking part got creative making their own dens, posters, cup designs, planting and much more. In completing these tasks the children worked towards their Guiding light badge, make change and their helper skills badge.

Parents and carers had lots of fun too taking part with their children and using the parent Facebook group to share pictures with their friends to show much fun they were having and also sharing the nights challenges!

The Rainbows group raised an impressive £ 178.75. The team at Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home are delighted the children (and parents!) had so much fun despite not being able to hold their sleepover together at The Home. We are really pleased they chose to continue to support us and raise so much for us in one night. Thank you all so much!



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