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Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home is a registered Charity which receives no statutory funding. To continue to provide holidays for young children, which we have successfully maintained for over 120 years, we need to annually meet our costs. Our current operational costs are approaching £60,000 annually, equating to around £2,000 per week for our season which runs for 7 months from April to October. We remain reliant on the generosity of those who access our facilities in addition to the generous support we receive from our donors. Contributions are vital for our continued sustainability.

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How It All Started

“Provide a healthy environment, good food and a comfortable house and any group of youngsters will enjoy themselves” (1894: The voluntary Aid society). In 1921, Nab Farm was donated to the committee of Rochdale Poor Children’s Moorland Home.


Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home provide holidays in a healthy environment for over 300 children every year. The home attempts to meet all needs by changing with what Children require at the time and during the school holiday periods.

The Future

Funding permitting, we are constantly striving to improve the facilities and are hoping that we can refurbish and add some new play equipment to our outdoor areas for the 2015 season!