Rochdale Children’s Moorland Home provide holidays in a healthy environment for over 300 children every year. The home attempts to meet all needs by changing with what Children require at the time and during the school holiday periods.

The charity has two distinct functions in providing services and facilities for school children during term time and for children referred to us by children’s social care, schools and community groups, during school holiday periods.


  • During school term periods local schools make requests and book the facilities of the home and bring children from Monday to Friday. The week can be split up into day or overnight stays or a combination of the both. We can accommodate up to 30 people on a daily basis and 18 people for overnight stays using our dormitory. Throughout the week the school are responsible and accountable for arranging and providing all activities and support for the children.


  • During school holiday periods children are referred for a week’s holiday by children’s social care, schools and community groups. On average 12 children are accommodated between Monday to Friday with all activities outings and support provided by Becky and her team augmented by professional recreational staff and accredited students and Duke of Edinburgh volunteers. This period provides an excellent opportunity for the children to improve and develop their social skills and also an opportunity for both children and their respective carers and parents to have some respite time.  Quite often this is the only opportunity that these children have for a holiday. 


Class Activities


Date : 25 Dec 2014

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